BaZi General : Self fulfilling !

The western side of the globe has always been very good with explaining stuff than our eastern counterpart. Marketing is one skill that eastern people seems to not able to master. We are preoccupied with making things a secret than actually go understand how it actually work.

Was attending a talk by a friend on the topic of mind and he shared this stickman with us on how this conscious mind control this unconscious mind of ours which ultimately resulted in our body to take action. It actually (finally) make sense !

I manage to do about 200 consult in 2016 with nothing more than the person birth date and most of the feedback is nothing short of spectacular. It make you wonder that the information that a chart have can really be that “accurate” ?

Sometimes you just need a small prompt to connect the dot and stickman does that for me really well. Our mind work in a wondrous manner, just imagine that from the day you were born the brain has never stop working. Pumping blood over the tiny blood vessel at the right pressure and speed. That happen without any control from our conscious mind at all.

Most of all the task is perform by the mighty subconscious mind inclusive of the very important role of remembering stuff. Our brain actually remember everything that has ever happen, seen, touch, taste, smell, imagined from the day we were born. So what happen that today we cannot actually use much of the information?

Your conscious mind has a very important role, which is to CHOOSE. Only those chosen subject is allow out and be given an opportunity to be process into action. Roll back a little and remember the last time you choose a car … what happen, the street just suddenly fill with that chosen car of yours. Every parking lot, every turn … you start to see the car and their advertisement on every of your Facebook page !

What actually happen here is that your brain create a folder every time you make a conscious choice and your subconscious will find all the information regarding that subject and place in that folder for you. You work on that active folder and hence you see thing that the active folder show.

When you happen to seek a consultation, the same process happen to you. We the consultant actually make a folder in your mind and your subconscious will do the rest of the work. Just think about it … i call you a Jia wood and tell you that you are noble and righteous … a folder of noble and righteous open, your mind will go into your data bank and fill up the folder with noble and righteous deed that you have ever encounter. You relate yourself since that is the only information shown to you … your action will soon follow to be noble and righteous.

The accuracy of a reading become very simple that for what ever that we say that you have choose to accept (open folder), you mind will automatically find the evidence to fill it up. The mysterious key (password) to opening a folder happen to be in the chart itself … Your mind work in graphic form and a chart is a graphic prompt. When i show you that your chart is a Jia Daymaster, there is nothing to dispute … its printed there a Jia DM … you agree … folder open !

Tarot card, i-ching coin … you name it, it is all graphic and start with you seeing it, choosing it and opening a folder for it. Once the folder open, you lose control of the subsequent process and your obedient subconscious mind will fill it up with evidence.

Is 2017 a good year … depend what folder you have open. Unfortunately some people do not even know how to open folder for them self. With this new found link (i know its old knowledge but is newer than Chinese metaphysics), i truly suggest you find a good consultant that open good folder for you.


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