BaZi General : Is winter coming?

Economists say the winter is coming and figuratively speaking its true from a metaphysic point of view. The coming year is all water year. 2019 Ji Hai, 2020 Geng Zi, 2021 Xin Chou, 2022 Ren Yin and 2023 Gui Mao. It is not that Water element is in particular any bad but it’s the consecutive 5 year onslaught that is going to cause some issue.

Water brings connectivity among people. One would expect their environment to be more than connected. How is the idea of having absolute no privacy sound to you? Sharing of information is going into hyper loop speed and with the introduction of AI, we all might finally have a new friend that know everything about us. 

Then come the emotional component of water. Because you are so connected with other that some/many of their issue in life is going to rub off on you. Can you actually take on all of other people problem while managing your own set? 

The combine effect is a place where you know too fast and care a little too much. You can imagine someone who saw the tsunami and frantically trying to evacuate village house by house. If you are not prepared for the crisis, you are in for a great awakening. 

Earth DM see wealth, which is suppose to be good. Then earth has natural resistance against wealth as they don’t actively chase after it. Now that wealth come pouring in, many of their previous virtue will likely be wash away. Everyone should find more Earth friend … you take those wealth that they reject.

Metal DM see output, which translate to innovation. They would be the most interesting bunch of people. Metal being justice base combine with innovation, you would see some major reform and transform of the law, rule and justice system. Many aspect of current border less world is not yet cover and hence they might poke their finger into it. Federation of united Earth … resistant is futile! 

Water DM see companion, which signal party! We are legion … cause we are many! They get carry away by people around them. Choosing associate become paramount activity, you can really control the direction of a current but you can choose which current to follow. If you are looking for extreamist … try to look for water DM.

Wood DM see resource, which signified wisdom. Wood is the beneficiary of the period but only if they teach what have they learn. Water is likely to carry unrooted wood away and hence many of them will be thrown into disarray. Instead of facing the issue many would choose to run away … they will keep running until they decide to share their knowledge, that is when they will find root. This is another good element to keep as friend.

Fire DM see influence, which bring power. They sustain the most amount of pressure during his period. Talk about a bunch of holigan that don’t want to listen or discuss … last straw would be total war. The beating shall continue until discipline improve … that’s gonna work. This group need to handle with care … try not to stand too close. 

Prepared for what might be coming. Make some Earth and Wood friend, they are handy during these period. 

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