Increase Your Prosperity By Detoxing Your Relationships!


Prosperity is not all cash— it’s a wealth of gorgeousness, a life you love, great wellness and wellbeing, lots of love- but it’s also cash.

We hear many compelling ideas about money- it’s energy, it’s an agreement, it’s an exchange, it’s… freedom… it’s…

Really, it’s all those things, and more!

And in the spirit of feng shui’ing lots more of that $$$ into your life- and earning it, receiving it, saving it and investing it with love and wonderfulness- today’s feng shui is all about keeping yourself surrounded by as many positive relationships are possible! 


The happier the energy around you, the more you’ll be inspired to thrive. Toxic relationships, though, can erode your confidence, distort reality, cast a grey shadow on accomplishments, pull you into patterns of over-reponsibility for others… and more.

I am not immune to these things.  It’s very rare now because I’m more aware for myself now, but it happens.

Also, toxic relationships aren’t always relationships with “bad people”, but, rather, people who are not in alignment with you in many ways that are core to viwing reality.  We all see life differently and value certain things more than others. You can be the opposite of someone and still get along fine, but when really big things oppose each other and they are not able to be ignored or compromised on (example: a realtionship with a heavy- but seemingly in control-  drinker who thinks the drinking is just fine but you are totally opposed to it) that can become a toxic situation pretty quickly, too,

Toxic can mean a host of things, but mainly, it’s what makes you feel bad fairly regularly and in a way that is draining your energy: worrisome, angry, manipulative, secretive, dishonest, chaotic, destructive, jealous, controlling or anything else that’s just not OK.  

What drains your energy, can strain your money.  Indirectly or directly.  A life without chaos, manipulation and other toxic ideas and emotions flying around is a life without needless, super-destructive energy drains.

Unwinding drama can focus your life.  Step away from toxic relationships that you can step away from easily and there’s a good chance you’ll see a vast change in your life where creativity, productivity, confidence and abundance is concerned.  I’m not an advocate of chopping anyone from life unless it’s become so destructive or crazy that there’s no turning back, but I am an advocate of getting space from drama to see things clearly and see how your attention (and emotions, and wellbeing) are being pulled into a tornado.

Toxic relationships can make communication of all kinds more complicated.   Have you ever been so emotionally spent that it’s been hard to confront things or make necessary calls? Or so worked up that you’ve soured other relationships around you? Or so irritated that you become a grumpy person in your office, or a tempestuous person to work with…?   Communication is a big part of prosperity and when it gets twisted, things can feel off track.

Work becomes harder.  When you’re operating in a place of shame, guilt, anger, confusion and/or have given away your power to anyone… all that magnetic confidence that makes prosperity feel simple is suddenly far away.  All of your momentum slows.  Your attention is on the argument, the crazy situation, the looming fear… and you’re no longer creating life.  You are the effect of things, the ping pong ball being smacked around… and that sucks.

Plus… toxic relationships tend to go up and down, up and down.  Your money can do the same, always on shaky ground.  If you find yourself in repeated cycles, in a neverending series of ups and downs, it may be time for a lottle life detox to set things straight before your body, mind and even your money take a hit in this wild ride.

Of course, if you find yourself paying other people’s bills out of guilt, spending money out of shame, paying people to help you cope with stresses foisted on you from these types of dynamics, trapped in other people’s debt or dependent upon someone toxic for your prosperity…. you may feel the effects of the toxic people & money connection more directly.

And, you, too, can set it straight!

It may not be instant to be free of all toxic entanglements, but each step away, each situation fully resolved and each bit of forward motion is totally freeing.

More energy, inspiration, initiative, personal certainty, confidence and magnetism is waiting…!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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