BaZi General : Chart Crossover

Does chart for 2 persons generally cross over ? lets say that I have a horse and she has a Rat … does this cause a Horse-Rat clash between us ? The simplistic answer happen to be NO. Your chart situation stay within you while my chart will remain as mine. Although superhero on TV, now often crossover … we don get to do such tag team in life.

Think about it, Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Pig have self punishment, does putting a bunch of them together cause massive self-punishment? Just imagine the chaos of school handling student of those years … entire class from Std 1 to Form 5, would be a nightmare situation.

What actually crossover is their attitude which is largely determine from their 10 gods. Lets say a person with high Wealth star but a weak DayMaster, they cannot possibly control the wealth star and hence result in wasted effort. While you are a Strong DayMaster lacking in wealth, you can actually work together with this person and leverage on his wealth star (that is wasted).

Lets just take a light example of Steve Jobs vs Ron Wayne.

Steve Jobs the Bing fire DayMaster should have supported Ron Wayne the Wu Earth DayMaster? Ron receive 10% of Apple stock and was sign as one of the co-founder in 1976 which is his Direct Wealth luck period. There is a (Shen)-Zi-Chen harmony combo and a Yin-(Wu)-Xu harmony combo between them. This should work quite good for Ron but yet Ron did not see the future of Apple as Steve did.

Further looking into the 10 gods we can pull out the following. Steve is a Output person while Ron is a Companion person. Companion produce Output, couple that with the fact that Ron is a strong DM while Steve own companion star is rather buried, Steve can now utilized Ron excessive Companion star generating all the necessary connection.

The next round you try to find someone, pay attention to the 10 gods interaction and not the element interaction or the relationship. People with excessive Companion still remain rather dangerous due to the case that Companion concur Wealth, these people can literally drain your money away.

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