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Just recently finish a workshop on relationship and was fairly surprise that people does not know that BaZi reading can be visualized in graphic. For the first time they saw how to set marker into their own chart and thing seems to explain itself and become less of a mysterious art.

The difficult part in a reading is determining the marker or subject of reading, once that is settle the reading become much easier. Take relationship for example, the marker we would like to look at is

Peach Blossom – This determine your ability to bring in the candidate. In sales term leads generation.

Husband/Wife Star (DW/DO) – This measure your willingness to play the marriage game. Ability to take care of other and willingness to be taken care of.

Clash Star (RW/HO) – These star remove the earlier husband/Wife star and hence remove their willingness to provide/receive. In short person become not contented with their situation and keep looking for other “better” opportunity.

Stem/Branch Combine – This signified a union or a period you are most driven to want something. For Chinese couple its almost a sure self fulfilling prophecy as they go for date selection, the practitioner will for sure pick a combine date for their marriage.

With all this information “marker” you can now circle out all those star and see how they fold out in your life map.


You can plot a map for all occasion as long as you can identify the marker in interest. Determining a marker is still much an art form especially in career since different element represent the prosper of different industry. An accountant in an IT firm will not necessary make good headway if its a Water period since Fire clash Water, even if Metal is strong (Account is often metal).

For those that is more visual, might want to just start circling your chart with color pen before doing a reading.

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