BaZi 2018 : Loyalty, Humility and Reality

Would you want to forcefully moved a mastiff if it decide to sit on your path? That would be the main theme for 2018. It is again time to have a peek into the year ahead, anticipate what is install for all of us. After a hectic year of 2017 Ding Xin (fire with small metal), where bullet seems to fly everywhere and celebrity leaving us one by one, most people might look forward for some stability.

2018 is the year of Wu Xu (戊戌) or what our common folk would call an Earth Dog year. For those of us that is into metaphysic, we know better there is no such thing a Dog. The main energy that Xu carried is another Wu Earth and hence this is a year where one mighty Earth land on another equally powerful Earth.

CaptureFirst thing to notice that this pillar carry last year energy of Ding and Xin (You) which means 2017 issue will linger within 2018. The Trigram that represent Wu Xu is the #15 humility. This trigram talk about enduring and lowering of status which is appropriate given the chaos that 2017 created. 2018 is going to be a little bit more stubborn that most people would like.

3 major energy carried by the Xu earth branch which is Wu Earth (Friend Star), Ding Fire (Direct Resource star) and Xin metal (Hurting Officer star). Friend star call for the need of loyalty and togetherness. You are expected to comply with the will of the mass and pressure to work within limitation. Many will be quoting 2017 as example of doom and gloom if you try to move away. People will have opinion especially against authority and leadership but is heavily watched by factual circumstances.

The key here in 2018 is to find good progressive people to be with. There are those that are unwilling to let go of the past and remain fiercely loyal to what had happen and holding a grudge to a glass of spill milk. Mixing with such group will hinder progress and lay waste to the year. You seriously do not want to move the Mastiff above.

Business that generally does well in 2018 are those with proven track record. People tend to look for trust in 2018 and the familiar businesses will thrive as repeat customer come seeking their services/product. This would means newer business that are trying to carve their way into an industry is going to meet with high resistance and skepticism.

Investment like insurance, unit trust, government bond and even property will be popular asset to rely on. Its a good time to shop and buy as price is going to be rather lethargic, which means you can shop around and come back later and yet the asset is still there waiting for you. This is a good market for buyer but bad for the seller, especially those that just ventured into the market.

For 2018, show some loyalty (make sure its a right group), go for old familiar brand, make sure your statement is express with proper factual backing, go shop for some value asset to invest and please don’t try to move the Mastiff, go around it.

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