BaZi 2018 : Wood, Bring it on !

So, mother earth is going to be stubborn this year. What better way to deal with it than sending in someone that is equally patience in handling stubborn situation. Wood in particular hold this quality of growth that they are willing to take eternity just to change situation around them. If there is someone to crack the year of 2018, the job belong to the Wood element people.

You can be a Jia DayMaster, Yi DayMaster or having Wood dominant in your chart, and the year Wu Xu represent a pure wealth pillar with a hint of Output and Influence. When wealth surface it usually bring achievement and hence this is going to be a rather busy year for wood people. If all else fail, you better have something to achieve this year, if you happen to be for some weird reason, not having any goal … you know what, you will achieve nothing (nothing is still a goal). The thing that help tipped you will be your ideas and your ability to actually start it.

This is not a year for you to sit on things, wood tend to have this tendency to seek safety. They like the idea of out living other while trying to not get involve. Learning is their strong point and being an observer in life is their natural choice. This directly means most of everything in life become non of their business. You can imagine how much potential they miss out in life, just by sitting around.

The process of cracking the earth take time. Many may well say they want to do it and you might even see horde of people starting to take a hit at the tough earth. Later you will see many give up as earth toughen up. Further down the road you will even see those that had given up trying to make you give up with word of discouragement. If you happen to stay true to the wood calling of survive, you will see Earth soften and your root breaking through.

Game plan to wood people in 2018. Set a goal, make a decision to execute the goal, come out with different option (plan B, C, D, E …) and more importantly stay true to your goal and decision. For all other, if really don’t have anything significant to achieve, slimming is a good choice. Earth usually represent fat while wood represent strengthening/growth. Growth clash against fat … Slimming would be an easy target to set.

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