BaZi 2018 : Fire, Burn and florish

Volcanic ash is one of the most nourishing earth and its often a place of choice for farmer to settle down. Despise the obvious danger of volcanic eruption, again and again people are drawn to those place. When you want a gain, there is always some risk involve.

Fire DayMaster (Bing & Ding) is meeting their Output star (Eating God & Hurting Officer) this year. It is going to be a rather challenging task ahead as making a spectacular explosion is not at easy task. This year is all about mind blowing ideas to them. Stubborn earth can be move from within with proper build up of excitement.

If you happen to be involve with motivating people then you are in the right industry, there is a lot of motivation needed for the year. You would need to get people out of their comfort zone, lure them out of their protective cave. Big epic explosion moved mountain, little shovel don’t do much.

You would have already expected collateral damage in this process of terraforming. There is a hint of wealth star and companion star and hence competition for gain is going to happen. What once could be someone else can now be yours after the shakeup. The opposite could be true as well.

This year you should pick a task that you are really passionate about and push it to the point of breakthrough. You may feel that everyone is running away from you (obviously people run from volcano erupting) and this might make you lonely, yet you should get it done as the resulting new landscape will benefit many.

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