BaZi 2018 : Earth, United Front

Strength in number, this is the advise when things are unsure out there. Another Chinese saying is, “if enemy don’t move, I shall not move as well”. This will be the year where you see earth people start clan-ing together. When like minded people come together its call a movement, when they go out of control its call a riot.

Earth element (Wu & Ji) will meet with their companion star (Friend & RobWealth). Its essentially a connection and fellowship star that is often docile and inviting. Networking with each other is going to be essential in the coming year. People of earth will find it easy to socialized with other as long as they are part of the trusted circle. New joiner, however is going to suffer a little as they will need to show proof of their allegiance.

Sub element in the branch carry Ding Fire (Resource) and Xin metal (Output), which is a control/clash effect toward the output star. Ji Earth people will have a little more trouble as their combination is a RobWealth main Qi couple with Indirect Resource attacking Eating God (Owl stealing food) which translate to eccentric leadership. What can be worst than a cult with a unstable cult leader.

The main commodity for 2018 is trust or blind allegiance toward a cause. One should watch for those thing that seems to move heaven and earth. Earth traditionally have a lot to do with hiding at the same time giving as well. Just imagine scaling a high wall but have no idea what is actually behind it. It could turn out to be salvation or a rude awakening.

It is definitely a marvelous year to cement a stable and strong foundation with people and organization that you work with. Its a good year to invest, contribute and give toward what you believe in. Earn your credit by being part of the team and show people you will be there as part of the crucial support structure.

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