BaZi 2018 : Metal, pressure-leisure-treasure

Diamond being one of the hardest material in the world, can only form under extreme pressure. Its often used for display and at time signified “forever”. Its high value come from its rarity and required precision to be shape and carve out. The entire process take quite a long time and required to be handle by many different expert along the way.

2018 see our metal friend being buried (protected) by tons of earth. This signal a time of reflection and learning. Earth being the resource star for metal element will translate into a period of waiting and planning. Resource star has its association with the noble man star as well. In the olden day, people only learn when someone more experience decide to depart their wisdom on you (people can hardly read back then).

People of metal need to seek this opportunity to learn and experience either through direct study or go out and get their hand dirty. Contemplating is one of metal weak point as they are naturally drawn toward doing instead of planning. They need to exert some energy in allowing other to show them.

The sub energy of fire (Influence) and metal (Companion) suggest a period of discipline and identification of friend/foe. Its a time where you will need to properly research the card that has been deal to you. looking forward 2019-2023 is mostly water related years where shinning of the metal will be essential. Your next ultimate move need to be decided this year itself.

Take caution not to be too passive. There is a chance that other may not recognized your contribution at all but that should be fine. You are sharpening your sword for a greater battle ahead.

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