BaZi Relationship : Jacky Cheung & May Lo

We Chinese is much less wasteful and love to enrich the environment (poor river). On the 15th day of Spring festival, ladies are allow to used the left over oranges … the same orange that we try our very best to send to other people but somehow get send back. Here is what you do, write down your contact (used permanent marker please) on some unsuspecting oranges and dump it into a nearby river … a hot guy will soon pick it up and aha … see the number and instant soul mate !

I personally think … posting on FaceBook or Instagram might yield better result.

Now does un-matching couple work out ? lets look at these odd couple … which work out pretty well (hopefully nothing happen this year) 22 years and counting.

Jacky has the dreaded RW in spouse palace while May has the HO which should means both will have very challenging relationship. What link them together is interestingly their work. Hai (May Day) -Mao-Wei (Jacky Month) and Shen (May Month)-Zi-Chen (Jacky Day). They did dated during the filming of Devoted to You, a movie that they both starred in.


They got married on 15 Feb 1996 which upon inspection is a complete clash of May Chart. Yin-Shen, Wu-Zi and Si-Hai is all clashes of branch on the day.

So, there is nothing cast in stone even in BaZi. The challenge that, most people don’t know what is happening around them and just react instead of plan and execute. There is just so much you can do, if you just know what is happening instead of letting thing happened.


This year of Dog (2018) is full bully punishment and spouse clash to Jacky… lets not panic, quite sure he know is BaZi situation.

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