BaZi General : Shifting focus

We discover this creature called electricity quite a long time ago and have accustom that electricity travel via the path of least resistance. BaZi was “invented” even longer ago but yet people still seems to miss the law of lease resistance. There are 4 aspect of life that BaZi cover namely your Year, Month, Day and Hour which under simple logic would know that all 4 cannot be bad at the same time (unless you bingo 4 same branch).

The game plan is rather simple, focus on part of your life that is good and just put the other in cold storage temporary. Life is not a one year game as success is measure over time. When you constantly shift your focus toward the good, different aspect of your life improve at different time. When you finally look back, you would call it fulfilling progress.

Instead if you stubbornly griped one aspect of life, the situation become one year bad, next year good … like a rollercoaster that in the end when you look back, you are back to the same exact starting point. Yet both these people experience the same life.

ShenShaIf you know there are 2 auspicious star in your investment aspect, 4 auspicious star in your love life, 1 auspicious star at work and 1 auspicious star at social, what would be your respond to this specific year ?

Quite sure you will be wasting time on how can I improve my work life and worse looking at those 5 dark star in detail trying to find magic cure for it. Lets face it, work is not your calling this year.

Switch focus toward your love life which have 4 awesome auspicious star accompanying. Even if you remain dense that you insist love life is non existence, investment with 2 auspicious star still win the work palace at both lesser bad star and more good star department.

Next year is a different battle. Star will shift on a yearly basis depending on the governing grand duke and for sure there is going to be one aspect that has more good star accompanying.

This is just one single layer of information called ShenSha that is draw base on the yearly grand duke. What about your Luck Pillar effect on your overall chart elemental flow, that shift as well, making certain pillar more easier to used. We have yet too even mention 10 gods and 12 growth phase.

There are many choices when you deal with BaZi planning and for sure there is going to be a few that is good. If you find time to understand your chart and realized all the available option, you will start to realized there is no such thing as bad luck. Bad choice or rather you limit your own choice often happen.

Year is never good or bad … your decision of where to spend the most of your time, decide that.

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