BaZi General : Battle Royal (Meghan Markle)

Cinderella story shall continue from the lady perspective. Has dear Meghan Markle landed herself a prince? She has been married once, no wonder the royal is crying outrage to dear prince Harry, hei love is love.


This rather strong lady Jia wood (Actually weak) here has a really prominent RobWealth structured which is well controlled by the DirectOfficer from the Year. In term of relationship she want the fit in type (Friend), idealistic fairy tail (EatingGod) and can be opportunistic (IndirectWealth) … sound like Henry can provide those stuff easily.

Lets look at the date chosen. Jia see DirectOfficer in Xin which is the Husband Star. Hai and Yin form a hidden combination on the spouse palace. This year 2018 the Xu also form a 3 harmony of Yin-(Wu)-Xu with the spouse palace. Its a good connective date for Meghan, did someone bother with date selection for her ?

Harry chart is lacking in the Officer star which is what needed to put his overly active RobWealth in check while Meghan can offer that aspect of discipline and control. If Meghan can bare a few year until Henry hit his 37 luck pillar, this could work out really well for her.

Clash for Harry only happen in 2026 while Meghan in 2028, that is about a solid 10 ¬†years to make thing work out well. Would expect a drastic change in the next few year as water represent Resource to Meghan. She would receive many help in upgrading herself to be royal worthy and in the process will be able to lend some discipline (I hope) to Harry. She is an actor anyhow … won’t be too hard to go into role for her.

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