BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/DO Howitzer

This is a funny piece of equipment, extremely powerful by being able to lob artillery over a far distance but need to be lock down before being used. To the enemy, this weapon cannot be stop unless you can find the originating vehicle. Once the shell leave the chamber its all gravity, which make targeting non existing. The entire system work by systemically swiping the target area with shell and destruction is of course indiscriminate.

The 7K/DO individual work somewhat similar, being a problem solver but not very agile when situation rapidly change. They are good at solving large problem as they tend to systematically break things down into smaller sector to tackle and proceed religiously to decimate it part by part. 7K on itself can be very good with situational incident but when paired with DO, it make them ridged in how sequence things should be done.

Just imagine if there was a fire and the system is to start watering down the front door follow by the living room then the kitchen but the fire source is from the bedroom. Regardless of the ignition source, they will start with the door and proceed on. You can see that there will not be much of a house left when the sequence finally reach the bedroom. It is however good if you are doing diagnostic and you follow a fix sequence to rule out medical issue instead of jumping into conclusion.

Since year is the social realm  of a chart and its the more obvious portion of a person, you cannot miss their courageous attitude toward life while at the same time you can also see the need of order. This command a lot of respect externally and can generally translate into admiration as if the person have good control over thing. The caveat is that issue / challenges come one by one … if it flood from multiple direction, situation become unbearable to them. Adding new friend into their social circle actually create more issue than benefit. try to keep social circle smaller and easier managed.

Month is the working/career realm and its important to note that in larger corporation where SOP and protocol is prominent, they shine quite brightly. As long as you follow the predeterminant path, they solve problem no matter how tough it may seem. The main issue is when people trying to cut que in bypassing agreed upon approval process. They again do not work well in firefighting organization and yet quite adapted in eradicating pandemic corporate issue systematically. Their ability to tune out of distraction help them function in chaos corporate environment.

Hour is the person internal asperation realm, which mean, how you see thing should work from your perspective. Since you have somewhat control over what you imagine should happen it give you a certain advantage as you can tackle issue in any sequence you see fit. As long as you can establish early sequencing and maintain those under your control in a line, things should be fine.

Overall 7K/DO is one of the mixed bunch where they are willing to go extra miles to resolve problem but in condition that thing happen in a fix manner. Here is the irony, how many real life situation you have where thing happen in sequence? They should try to tackle chaos theory where there is order in chaos and nothing is ever random.

kate-spadeKatherine Noel Brosnahan (Kate Spade) fashion designer have a 7K/DO on her month pillar. Found her success and fortune in the 1990s handbag category. Her chart has a natal Shen (Monkey) – Yin (Tiger) clash which affect her social and marriage. Look like fame can really take a toll on people. Venturing into Frances Valentine show what is truly important to her.


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