BaZi General : Depression 2.0

I had a very short episode of “depression” recently and the good news that I found out that could actually get depress. The feeling is like screaming in an uninhabited forest, does it even make a sound ? Helplessness is indeed the feeling when all direction seems to be futile.

If you have not read my previous post on depression Just click the link to have a read. The basis of having depression is keeping incident under wrapped when emotion is high. Its more of an Earth Water issue. lets build a supposed scenario …

Mary love dancing but have a rather large family business that she need to attend to. Her family have high hope that she will one day take up the torch and continue the family business. One day, Mary found a dancing teacher that saw her potential and decide to give her class on dancing, it was an instant chemistry with dance. All her hidden talent in dancing and passion was unlock by the class. Mary suddenly decide that she should follow her heart and pursue dancing at a professional level. before she could break the news, tragedy strike that her father fall ill and the family business need her full attention and hence required her to give up pursuing dancing. upon knowing the incident the school make her promise that she will first uphold her duty and responsibility to the family and abandon dancing. The school does not even let her come for class anymore. She is stuck in between … she cannot tell her family that her life now suck because of this family business and the school is not willing to take no for an answer. From her point of view there is no venue to go … stuck in a dark cold cave.

From a metaphysic point of view fixing situation is alway a matter of inserting element to break the cycle, there is 3 route that could possibly create relieve

Introducing Fire – Fire will strengthen Earth while being coy her by water. Here is a situation where the person increase their own capacity to take in more water. This is a situation where one try to be happy (fire=happy/hope). Its a duck tape solution at best depending on the coming annual luck cycle and the person chart natal water quality. You know the standard, “think positive” advise we tell people and the “thing will pass” advise, this is exactly the fire solution.

Introducing Metal – Metal on the other hand weaken Earth while strengthening Water. We are looking into acceptance which is what the new flow is about Earth produce Metal and produce Water, hence removing the Earth Water conflict. This entire you drifting away from one end of the spectrum and accept that you cannot have the cake and eat it at the same time. Metal basically drive decision and action, the person need to make a stand.

Introducing Wood – Wood will counter Earth and drain Water. Wood is  synonymous with growth but more importantly is the spread and growth of the root. With sufficient water and ground, the tree can take hold of itself and control both element. If you see the depression of having a landslide then planting tree is the exact solution. This involve a slow process if mediating the situation until one day you can fully control both the earth and water.

Wether is to lie/hope (fire) to yourself, bite the bullet (metal) by breaking one party heart or search (wood) for a silver lining, this rest in the hand of the person involve. Typical challenge is third party that try to be helpful and drag the person out of the cave without even knowing what are holding them in. The bungee cord will just catapult them right back deeper into the cave.

Denial (Earth) > Anger (Fire) > Blame (Metal) > Acceptance (Water) > Recovery (Wood) … The faster you can induce those feeling/emotion the faster you can fix the eventual situation.

Did I just link Chinese Metaphysic with Western Phycology ?


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