Feng Shui and Colour Selection

There are 3 parts in FS and colour selection and they are based on the San Cai relation of Heaven, Earth and Human Qi, and since Human Qi links the Heaven Qi above and the Earth Qi below, in selecting a colour scheme we should always start with the Human Qi:

Human Qi:
Start off by asking yourself or your client what kind of colour is most favourable, what colour a person likes is also a colour that he or she needs and have a resonance with the person. Use this personal preference as a reference point to start looking at the colours.

Earth Qi:
Then look at the Earth Qi, the visible and the physical things in a room, its existing colour and furnishing, the function of the room, the orientation and the lighting level of the room, etc. At this level you can discuss what is there with your client or your partner and the occupants, it is a tangible level we can work with without too much ambiguity.

Heaven Qi:
Only when you have a good grasp of the Human Qi and Earth Qi that you begin to look at Compass Feng Shui and the Jiehua remedies required. If colour is the choice then the colour used should be an accent colour that stands out in a particular direction but does not take over the whole room.

The San Cai relationship also recommend that the ceiling colour representing Heaven should be lighter and less saturated and the floor colour representing Earth should be darker and more saturated while the wall colour representing Human should be somewhere in-between.

Also, since everything has Yin and Yang, your colour scheme should comprise of a theme or a main colour that is more dominant with supporting and complimentary secondary colours that are complimentary in a harmonious relationship with the main colour. Gradation in tone and in hue should be gentle with the FS accent colour stand out but blended-in at the at same time.

Let’s take an example of a colour scheme for a bedroom facing the north, and the couple has some wooden furniture that are quite dark already and they like green and “natural colours” and the floor has a carpet colour that that don’t like.

Since they don’t like the carpet, maybe you can suggest that they rip up the carpet and expose the wooden floor below as a starting point. If they think a full timber floor is too cold for the room, you can always suggest a rug to lessen their concern.

Now the ceiling can be white and the floor is natural wood, the room is not bright and the furniture is quite dark as well, Earth Qi-wise, the green tone that they like should be something that is light and can reflect light well but at the same time it should be a relaxing green with a strength that is somewhere between the floor and the ceiling. At this point you can take out the colour chart and try to come to a decision with the couple, a particular green that can be the main or the them colour for the room.
The room is quite dark so attention should be paid to how to lighten it up, one way of doing it is in the window, by painting it white and having translucent white widow curtains, they can make the room brighter.

When most of the decisions are made you can bring in the Compass calculations and they can come from different school, it can be Eight-Mansion or Flying-Star or whatever, but the colour used should be an accent one, stands out a little but not to be overwhelming.

For example, if a Fire Jiehua remedy is needed it can be be a red painting above the bed or a red triangle fixed to the light shade next to the bed or both.

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