BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/HO, Rocket-Propelled Grenade

Can’t get the distance with a grenade, strap it to a rocket then. Its primary design to take out armored target like tank in war, which make it the prime challenger of the stubborn. Its a popular weapon system due to its portability, ability to ditch out sheer power and the ease of operation. Point, shoot and see thing fly … with a large chance of collateral damage.

7K in itself is already an extremely volatile star and when it is partnered with the Hurting Officer (HO) which scream for attention, you have a chaotic pairing. The basic natured of any HO is trying to get some attention and additionally they look at rule and regulation as if they are roadblock that need to be remove. The combination signal a person that lack overall respect toward what has already been build by other. They can simply do thing just to satisfy their need to make a point and may be overlooking the actual repercussion of their action.

When this combination appear in a person year pillar, he is a person that is often seen as a rebel. He have a natural liking to stand out in public and often have opposition view toward what public would term as normal. You can imagine a child that is throwing tantrum in public, those that is kicking on the floor and spinning their body around. They are good at highlighting issue and making thing obviously apparent, its just their sense of judgement that is in question.

If this pair appeared in your month, then you are looking at one of the most effective marketer around. They have the ability to draw in attention which is extremely important in both corporate and business world. Risk is nothing at all ! imagine how closed a RPG user need to get to a tank, just to shoot it. If they have done something, anything at all … they ensure everyone know about it. They climb the corporate ladder fast and their business prominence gain traction equally fast.

When this pair reside in the hour of a person, you get yourself a mad scientist. They don’t mind prototyping their crazy untested ideas. Since the pillar govern thing that they have full influence on, their potential future impact is great. They can revolutionized an idea and become a potentially strong thought leader. Here is the catch, they change their mind … very often. You would have issue filling the gap and following the pace, this lead to ultimate frustration as it left a stench of disappointing aftertaste.

Generally, this combination signal a person that has courage to embrace changes and most importantly jump in head first to lead the change. They are not afraid of bad publicity and actually enjoy the limelight. During times of oppression, it is these type of personality that spark and drive movement of massive change. Their core issue lack of judgement when selecting a cause to represent. During times of peace, this individual is really a pain and distraction to progress.

Anwar Ibrahim 7KonHoAnwar Ibrahim , one of Malaysia rather prominent ex-opposition leader has a 7K/HO combination appearing in his year. Know for his bold approach to initiate reform that he was put in jail for it. Now that reform is going in the right direction as the old government regime has been topple, will he stay on course or start creating headache for the new team?

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