BAZI AUXILIARY STAR – General Star (Jiang Xing / 将星)


(Jiāng xīng wénwǔ liǎng xiāngyí, lù zhòng quán gāo zú kězhī.)

We just love some ancient text … General star is capable in both scholastic and authority, money and status easily identifiable. The text is as cryptic as usual, very typical of the ShenSha system.

This star is derive from the 3 harmony frame which used the central branch as the focus point. Basically the branch that represent the peak energy of an element.

Year/Day Branch  General Star
 寅  Tiger , 午 Horse , 戌  Dog  午(Wu) Horse
 巳  Snake , 酉 Rooster, 丑 Ox  酉 (You) Rooster
 申 Monkey, 子Rat, 辰 Dragon  子 (Zi) Rat
 亥 Pig , 卯 Rabbit, 未 Sheep  卯 (Mao) Rabbit

So, for year 2019 which is a Pig (Hai ) year the general star is Rabbit (Mao ).

This star act like an enhancer or a turbo charger for everything when combine reading with BaZi 10 gods characteristic. If lets say a person General star is their influence star DO/7K, this give them high power and authority. DW/IW would translate into great social status (rich and affluent). DR/IR would give intelligence and resourcefulness. On the other hand negative effect would also be magnified where Clash, Harm, Destruction and Punishment come into play.

If you are interested in power play then this star is a must in a person chart as it exude natural commanding force and garner natural respect from people. Best place to have this in the year or month. Year govern public control while month gave you career advantage. Which means if you are born in one of the cardinal years then you already have a natural general star with you.

Business figure, public figure as long as you need to face and influence the general public then this star would come in handy. Luck pillar would means that that period where you become prominent. The star is also attaché with much hope and expectation from other for you to assist them and guide. Hence it is also a star of pressure.



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