BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/DR, Dictionary

Dictionary must be one of the most robust book ever created. It has everything you need to know about a language and yet it almost tell you nothing. When you encounter someone that seems to be able to recall everything and yet seems hard to understand what he/she  is saying, then it is safe to assume you have encounter a walking dictionary.

The Direct Resource star is formally a proper assistance star that guide people with their formal knowledge. When you stack them together you get someone that is rather factual base or book smart. Flexibility is not something that they practice often and it is often safety above anything else. They work very well with anything historical or pre recorded which make numbers and data their main fall back for any decision making.

When you see DR/DR in the year, this is your standard waking dictionary. That goto guy if you need some factual confirmation. They often amaze the people around them with the depth of their knowledge and can probably churn out quite a few complex text verbatim. This however does not means they understand what they are actually verbalising, they just happen to have good memory.

When you have DR/DR at the month, you will see a rather meticulous thinker or analyser. You can see someone that bis rather stubborn with fact and figure when it come to anything that need to be done. Everything seems to be revolving around the word confirm and supported. Working with them can be rather slow but then again you can almost ensure safety and prudence through the entire journey.

When this combination land on your hour, you meet a person that like to data load on other. They love to supply people with information and data, so to ensure they can make proper judgement. They are not stingy with their experience or knowledge and in an opposite mamma can be seen as overly enthusiastic about it. they are like your mother that remind you a dozen times over the same exact thing.

They are overall great custodian of information and are highly regarded in the olden day as intellectual. As the advancement of technology this role has been taken over by “Google” and have making them a little obsolete. They are great story teller churning out knowledge that you might not have. In this modern time, they need to evolve to make themselves more relevant or will end up like the cassette player being replace by MP3 player.


JeffProbst DRonDRJeff Probst, the host of Survivor has DR/DR in his chart at the month pillar. He won a few years in a row Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program.

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