BaZi 10-On-10 : RD/IR, The Encyclopedia


One of the more fascinating publication of all time (which is now obsolete) would be the encyclopedia. It is a collection of whatever possible information on vast topic of interest whether its fictional or non fictional. Its is basically a compilation of what need and not need to know which has been now conveniently replace by our search engine (Google, Explorer and such)

Indirect resource is notorious for being nosy and often go seek at places that they should not. Its the master of observation art where they are not there to obtain information but to see pattern. Its a big picture type of star that is much more concern on conceptual information than actual hard fact. Their often keyword is “how interesting”.

People with DR/IR in their year is often knowledgeable beyond their own field. They are intrigue by many aspect of life and are often very diverse in their pursue of knowledge. Jack of all trade, master of non would be a close representation of their mental power. They seems to be able to contribute toward many topic on a surface lever but when probe further you see them dwindling away in muddle senseless conversation.

When DR/IR appear in the month, you have a rather good investigator. Cover all ground is what they do, they will look into many aspect of their work even if you know its completely useless path. They are just curious of what they might find and this often cause issue if its a time sensitive task. They make an awesome auditor when they are dispatch to the field, a real pain when they are auditing you.

If this appear in the hour, which I personally think its the best place for this combination to stay, create a through thinker. Since thinking happen internally, very little damage can be done to the external environment. This star also represent the mother and hence the detail care it bring toward the development of next generation. They would be best to come out with education syllabus to educate the next generation.

RD/IR are all purpose thinker or processor that can handle most intelligent situation and yet don’t really burden with the need of detail. Its much easier to work with them if you can go beyond their need to get curious and often miss the crucial deadline while chasing down a path that is obviously useless. No dull moment having conversation (small talk) with them as they can handle most topic of interest.

NameWee DRonIR
Name Wee, one of our local artist from notorious to oppress and to fame. He has been a great inspiration to many of the local struggling young talent that even in the onset of total oppression that you can still find success. He has DR/IR in his year which show often in his ability to get knowledge and help from public to settle many of his self induce mishap over the authority. His song range and overall talent is diverse with rap being his signature liking. Continue to make Malaysia proud !

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