BaZi 10-On-10 : DR/RW, The Traveling Guide

To travel around the world must be in everyone bucket list. This is indeed an activity that all should at least dream for but before you set out for the journey you need to do your research. For gaining insight to a foreign land, you cannot lack a copy of your traveling guide book. Most of us would be relying on internet for this now, they even have offline planner with map available … which is darn convenient.

Rob Wealth (RW) is the star of fun and joy. People do not like this star in the olden day as it is synonymous with being lazy and taking easy way out. They often take family fortune and buy convenience for oneself. Hei ! at least they are helping the economy with their purchase. In todays context the family fortune portion no longer hold true and the typical RW is just people that willingly spend for own convenience and still helping the economy.

When you have DR/RW at the year pillar, you meet someone with a rather broad knowledge of fun and games. They just seems to have all the entertainment trivia that is available. You might notice that their information lack practical application but yet you will be drawn into their world of carefree joy and excitement. This guy just seems to know what bring fun into your life. Very popular party magnet if you at least want a meaningful and entertaining conversation.

DR/RW combination at month palace carry his playfulness into the workspace. This might spell trouble to most professional setup as they may seems lofty with their knowledge. They are expert in lightening up the situation while looking for usable angle to take action. If you are truly looking for someone to shorten your lengthy process, this is the guy as he has the capacity to study the situation and at the same time efficient (lazy) enough to find the shortest route to problem solving.

Landing in the hour, DR/RW might bring a little issue with memory. Whats the easiest way to remember something ? … get someone else to remember it. I am guessing that it is fine in this time and space with availability of Google to do that, wonder how they outsource memory to other people in the olden day. They are great at taking pieces of information from other and quickly build (repackage) on them and deliver as a product.

Overall, as long as you are not really too serious with the situation having a DR/RW around can be fun and fulfilling. They are toxic to Wealth as both the DR and RW is anti (clash) with wealth. They bring the feeling of being lack of practicability and yet they can find some used on the most mundane information. You need to learn how to grow their sense of humour, they are mostly harmless and want the best for the team.

anwar ibrahim DRonRWAnwar Ibrahim, one of our country “prominent” politician which is poise for the next in line for prime minister (2019, unsure … lolz). His month is a DR/RW combination and have a very good flair in bringing out great funs speech in poetry form. Generally RW people done really work well in-front as they are more effective behind the scene.

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