BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/FR, The Slam book

Once upon a time, before all this FB,IG thinggy … Slam book was the in thing to be pass around in school to collect information about your friend. It was an honour to receive the book as it means someone think you are their friend. It was also a harrowing task to start one. Your popularity can be judge by the sheer amount of record entry (much like the LIKE today). The book overtime offer a throve of information about a person and those around them … it also make a great stalker list.

Friend star is always associated with the ability to be personable and appearing non threatening. They are one of the best information gatherer around as they have natural tendency to find out about their environment, so they do not over stepped boundary and meet with cultural expectation. You can at time call them overly concern individual that can be a throve of information when the need arise.

DR/FR on the year would be the most desirable as the individual make it a point to know everyone around them. They are naturally great with name and just seems to be able to muster enough detail about everyone. They make great host when you need to pull people together and of course if you have a specific crowd to handle they can tell you exactly what to prepared to please them.

Month is where a person career sit and when DR/FR land there, you would expect a person that spend time understanding people in their work. Those boss that just know who in your family in currently sick, and those where their children needed the support. These people are great support at work and often excel in human resource type of position. on the flip side they don’t really do good in crisis situation and hence may limit their ability to climb corporate ladder as they are more people focus than task focus.

DR/FR at hour make a person more self focus. They are often conscious of what impression they send out to the public. They can sometime appear reserve and awkwardly out of place. Constantly taking in reflection of what is happening and making micro adjustment internally. Sometimes this cause a lost in identity for them which also means they can at anytime abandon their own persona and impersonate other.

A friendly, non threatening individual that has a great sense of observation and are able to collect data over time on anyone around them … a stalker in the making (lolz). They make great ally if you are the lazy type (to remember people) which also means they make great personal assistant. They make it a point to know all about you and hence can really serve you well.

AlexFurgeson DRonFR

Sir Alex Ferguson, name as one of the best football club manager of all time for Manchester United. He has DR/FR on his month pillar and for sure understand each team individual is his greatest asset. With enough information on a person you can literally motivate them on a customised level. Where your wife work, which school your kid goes and does your parent need special assistant.

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