BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/EG The Cook Book

How many way can you cook something ? A lot of way apparently when you have access to a recipe / cook book. Its always amazing to see how a person sued the same exact material and yet to be able to create something totally new and refreshing. Its a high art form to see the potential of a material “potato” and are able to bring it out in a presentation that most might have miss.

Eating God (EG) as the name would have suggest, has tight association with the gastronomical world. In the olden day, being able to enjoy a full meal is a total privilege where war, chaos and famine rule. This star has long been associated with the fine world of enjoyment and artistry. Today we call this the god of creativity where one are able to create new ideas and bring them into the real world as product and service.

DR/EG on the year pillar see a person that is externally fine and elegant. They have a knack of sniffing out high echelon outing and strategically place themselves among them. They impress the public with their massive knowledge on a niche subject where they are able to go deep into the matter and present new and profound angle for other to consider. Displaying truly as someone that is into the art.

While DR/EG landing on the Month pillar govern one work ethic. He would be a person of deep quality. He would spend time being knowledgable and an expert on the subject. Often subjecting oneself and those around them to higher standard and quality of work. Problem solving via innovative solution would be the underlying style of tackling any challenges. You have a problem, just invent something new for it and to most people amazement, the solution could just a a simple adjustment to existing solution.

Hour which govern the inner thought, while being visited by the DR/EG combination can bring a person into a universe of unbounded ideas. There is truly no limit when one retreat into their own imagination. Being a writer or a movie maker would most benefit this configuration. In the literary world, you can write whatever you want as you often do. to have to realised it, but out in the real world your ideas might not have the necessary technology advancement to execute yet. So, one need to still able to synchronised with reality.

This are among the rare breed that think all impossible and will do the necessary to make thing become possible. Provided that time and resource is on their side, they are never lack motivation and ideas to move forward. They are among the great city builder, trend builder and life builder. Just bear in mind that everything is first created in the mind and then created the second time in real.

DRonEG GianniVersaceMr Gianni Versace the mogul in fashion world has DR/EG on his month pillar. His work is know worldwide and has reach many heart and soul. He show true creativity over his career in leading the fashion industry and building a sizeable empire under his branding. He is bold in his design and often decide to take a different tangent from the crowd.┬áHis aesthetic “combined luxurious classicism with overt sexuality” work for many that seek a difference while draw fire from the few that seek tradition.

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