BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/HO The Fashion Book

Fashion theme book or magazine must be one of the most outstanding publishing. its is often glossy page from the first to the end and in full colour. Nothing seems to be spared in the effort to bring the most attractive information to the reader eye. Its is often not possible to justified the cost of producing the book itself. The value is of course in the sales that it will potentially generate when enough interest has been created. Its not the information but the wow factor … the I want to be like that factor.

When DR meet with HO we have a little rivalry going on as DR counter HO. Hurting Officer (HO) is often uncharge of creating chaos in the person chart as they are the expressive star that communicate change and objection to the status quo. Its part of the creative family which means change is what it seek. People with stronger HO star tend not to be able to settle down and will see them attempting new project constantly. HO can be describe as someone with attention deficit and in a constant need to be assured with “did you see me”.

When DR/HO appeared in the year, they tend to be very popular among the public and peer as they knowhow to bring and display information to the public. Its one of the more crucial star combination where the DR indicate external support to their effort to bring viable knowledge to the market. Method that they choose might be loud and flashy, then again not too overboard as other HO combination might create due to the DR control relationship.

When DR/HO land on the month, they need to be seen at work or thing that they are working at become very apparent. They will announce their great plan to everyone like they are afraid you miss headline. The announcement would be rather constant and update can come very often.

When this DR/HO land on the hour, you might see a little flip flop in the person mind. The need to bring the ideas out versus if the information has been check out will play out. The mind is in a constant race to bring new ideas out but at the same time the mind also know that the new idea might not be substantiated.

DR tend to be a good pair when working with HO as this person can easily travel between historic information and creation of new content and ideas. It is the internal struggle where fact and fiction has not been clear that drive these individual up the wall. If you are ever in marketing type of line, you would somewhat need this combination to be able to drive result to the marketing effort.

E-commerce giant Alibaba celebrates 18th anniversaryMr Jack Ma has both his Year and Month with DR/HO combination and its telling how he has been advertising his internet empires since day one when he wanted to build up what we call Alibaba today. How can anyone forget his annual dinner concert which him doing the Michael Jackson and also the very reason fight video with all the prominent martial master.

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