BaZi 10-On-10 : DR/IW Finance Book

There is a general confusion between Accounting and Finance which often get mixed up as the same. Account often looks at what has happen which is the core of recording transaction and later understanding what drive result. While on the other hand Finance are concern with the question where money come from (funding) and where should the money rightly go (efficiency of money)

Indirect Resource has a lot to do with the entire concept of efficiency and opportunity. As such IW often do trimming in a natural manner. When information is obtain, they will often weigh the importance or relevance if the information, if it will help move their own agenda forward. If it is deemed non-useful, then the piece of information is swiftly discarded whether its true or other wise.

When this appear in the year, you can expect a little public misinformation to happen. The person know how to present just enough information that would show that the situation favour their proposal. Politician often do this when presenting their ideology, its not that they are telling any lie, just some vital information’s been wilfully withheld from your view. Please don think of them as bad … you have your own responsibility to find out and not just swallow people story.

When DR/IW appear in the Month, you would have have a rather adapted strategic person at work. All information given or obtain become a carefully chosen weapon for deployment. It can get into a state that each word will be crafter and pick to further his agenda. They are also quick in scrutinising information that does no goes in their favour.

Selective memory might happen when this landed in the hour. They might blindside themselves with optimism or pessimism. Internally sorting out information in a hammer that help their own survival. They channel energy or effort to the most deserving from their point of view. You could call this focus is some sense but under normal circumstance its active tunnel vision.

On a general platform this combination make a person that is quite widely knowledgable and are keen learner. They will spend quite large amount of time in obtaining “relevant” information and fact that support their growth. The main portion that needed attention when engaging with them is that they are selective for their own agenda. They have potential of using half truth to move the mass gullible public … again it is not their fault that you are lazy to go find out further.

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