It’s OK (and even great!) To Not Live Life At Your Highest Velocity And Intensity All The Time

Gratitude works wonders.

So do breaks, deep breaths and time off from “doing” things intensely.

I’m about to do some leisurely grocery shopping. At 4pm on a weekday. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a long hot bath and bed super-early, and maybe a long walk, too.

After a season of wild action and a year that was intense in a great way, I’m downshifting for a bit. Even at the peak of busy in my life now, though, I rarely find it attractive (or magnetic, creative or otherwise a good idea) to be at my most intense Level 10.

I never used to be good at modulation of my energy. I thought that if I took breaks I would lose my stride. I could go from Level 10 to Level 7, but I could not, unless exhausted, be OK with a leisurely pace or a less-than-intense rumble fueling me.

Leisurely pace is actually my genius zone.

Who knew!?!

Certainly not me, until I gave it a try.

iIf you’ve felt that you’re not living up to your potential because you’re not “switched all the way on” all the time, I hope this is helpful.

There’s a lot of “success-coaching-type-stuff” out there that says we can be at Level 10 all the time, in this constant “peak state” and in this endless “switched on” energy.

And there are endless variations of this, mixing some mediation and mindfulness into a punishingly brutal regime with not enough rest and/or not enough of a very magic ingredient:


Space in your mind, space in your schedule, space in your plans, space in your body (that light and airy feeling), space in your home…

All that space quite literally is ROOM TO GROW.

If you’ve got everything jam packed in your days and you’re running at your fastest speed and hoping to go faster, there’s not much room for growth.

There’s also not a lot of room for improvement, development and the most important feeling:


If you’ve been unfulfilled, dissatisfied with the results of your actions and yet you’re working so intensely hard that you can’t even see a way to do anything better… turn down the dial.

You may want to try :

Eliminating caffeine. I saw an incredible documentary that explained how stimulants borrow energy from our future. Meaning, you’re not drinking cups of extra energy in your coffee, but, rather, drinking energy from your future. That explanation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine has to do with Jing energy. It’s worth a bit of research if you find yourself heavily reliant on coffee and tea.

Lightening your schedule. Taking time to do things exceptionally well means more than just “doing” lots of things.

Redefining success. If you’ve been racing to get to success as you’ve defined it as fast as you can and it doesn’t feel good at all, there may be something within your notions of success that can be revised. This was the singular action borne of burnout that didn’t just take pressure out of my days, but, also, it helped me to create the goals that were more powerfully, personally meaningful.

And, anything else you do to feel lighter, happier and more centered is always going to contribute to your wellbeing in so many ways!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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