The best time to decide a career move

Should I change my career ? this is one of the most ask question in a consultation which rise an impression that most people somewhat dislike what they have chosen. There can be quite a few reason to make a move in your career path while its always good to keep your option open but dwelling too much and too often into this does distract you in contributing and growing the organisation that employ you.

From BaZi perspective we look into the push and pull factor that prompt a change in the person chart stability. In the olden day reading any involuntary changes is view as painful and carry negative connotation. You are not suppose to change your career as a farmer shall remain farming for the rest of his life, there should be no choice presented.

The target of reading for BaZi when it come to the matter of career would be the month pillar. Any condition happening to the month pillar denote a shift in your main working preference and hence can prompt a need to make changes as part of the harmonisation process.

When a clash of chart present itself, the person is subjected in an external change that resulted in their normal preferential mode of decision making become obsolete. This can be a change in the reporting line where decision maker has change and their old style not suited for the new regime. It could also means a shift in their overall portfolio of responsibility where new task that they are ill equip to handle or new team member that can be too dynamic join the foray and affect overall deliverable and productivity.

It can also be combine that presented itself where additional resource is made available to enhance your daily task. You could be give the necessary authority (promotion) to finally be able to dictate and control the situation. There should be necessary increase in team member that take the load off the team and also infusion of a mentor or coach that finally shed some light into an issue tat has been bothering you.

A change of career is often as easy as a situation where your current style does not work anymore and new method need to be learn and deploy. Many does choose to run away and hence change job inhale that can find a place where their old method still valid. This activity of switching might work initially but eventually everyone mature and notice that making a beeline to the company exit is not healthy. it is once you understand that all change is just a prompt for an upgrade that you would see the discomfort of change is telling that you should move out of a comfort zone.

If you wonder if you should make a change, just look at the interaction toward your Month Pillar that is bring upon by the Luck pillar or Annual pillar. Any combine or clash indicate a change in your career required handling style. The advise is to take up a bigger challenge and grow instead of trying to find a safe place to hide.

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