3 things to check before embarking your entrepreneurial journey

Entrepreneurship is truly a fascinating journey in this current century. Never have you seen so many eager soul wanted to stepped out and venture on their own. Have you ever wonder what does it really take to become one ? Many would jump into the conclusion that capital is the main requirement (btw Wealth star in BaZi) and you would be surprise that capital is the least of the requirement.

Take a look around you on all the successful businesses, who provided the capital … its someone else (shareholder, venture capitalist, angel investor, bank). And think even more deeply why don’t these people that has the capital ever start a business but instead choose to place their capital in an entrepreneur hand. Lacking capital is clearly an excuse you should stop giving yourself and you are further dis-servicing your talent.

Let’s look at the 3 crucial reason for entrepreneurial success. The first is to have an idea. Yes, Idea is the life and blood of a business. Some call it innovation, some may call it breakthrough. In BaZi we are looking at the Hurting Officer (HO) star but why specifically HO ? Having an ideas itself is not enough if you don’t communicate the idea out and HO govern the general ability of a person to attract attention toward their idea. HO never mind letting people know about their thought even if the thought is not supported by fact. Just face it, all new ideas is factually unsound to begin with, iPhone wanted a unit that is without button in a time when other company is offering full range keyboard on the phone … fast forward today, you would frown on a phone that has even one physical button on the screen.  You not only need ideas but the ability to communicate the idea out … its known as pitching or storyboarding in entrepreneurs world.

Second crucial quality is the ability to take risk. Having skin in the venture is what the local boy would have call it. This rare ability to take risk is provided by the 7 Killing (7K) star in a person BaZi chart. You have to understand that entrepreneur sit at the bottom of the benefit chain. They get paid the last and often don’t get paid at all if the venture collapse. All the heart, soul, time and effort can become smoke in an instance of miscalculation. First to rush into the battle and the last to stepped out of the fight, that’s basically how gung-ho you need to be … 80hr a week for 3 years minimum before you can even smell the sent of a return.

Third and often the most neglected entrepreneur skillset / quality is the ability to pull people together and manage them in synchronistic manner. Entrepreneurship is often describe as a lonely / solo journey of isolation. Well if you begin out this way, no wonder you fail. The key trick is the ability to create job opportunity to other and make other people useful toward the business goal. Since not everyone can and will venture out (90% of the people will never abandon employment) so its the entrepreneur duty to use their talent to the best. This ability to identify and utilised other fall in the hand of RobWealth (RW). RW is really a master networking star that identify and zoom into a person core want and need. They then convert that into a deal that result in an exchange of effort

So either one the following (HO, 7K or RW) in your BaZi chart would make you a good candidate to venture out on your own. People with capital (money) is looking for one of those quality to invest into and hence money is never an issue. If you can communicate, take risk and manage … money would be lining up for you to take.

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