3 Business crisis you should not ignore

Lets just face it, business does run into crisis from time to time. If you are in the journey of building a big sustainable business it would be irrational to expect no trouble. Many business go into this too great to be fail mindset and completely get blindsided by their business weakest link.

In this article we are going to look into the 3 most common crisis a business will go through and what preparation is required to weather through the rough sea. Let make a clear distinction that when you are applying BaZi to a business, the business itself is not relevant, some people make the mistake of using the business registration date to read … understand that the business is run by people, you read the people BaZi chart. We are here interested in the primary decision maker BaZi.

First there is the reputation or market crisis that a business is going to face. When you realised that old customer is not coming back to purchase your product, you would be facing this issue because they are buying from your competitor. The problem with this particular situation is that a business have a certain ruling cost which repeat sales sustain. When this repeat sales cycle get disrupted you run into cashflow crisis and this is the main death trap of most business. It is never the case of bad profit or poor produce, it is often the inability to pay creditor that kill a business. This is easily identify in BaZi when a clash happen in the Year pillar.

Then there is the management crisis. This is often mark by internal disagreement on the direction of the business. Sales can be great and company have plenty of money to manoeuvre but yet internally there is no conscious on where should the business go next. I imagine a boat there everyone want to grab the rudder and the rudder is now stuck in one direction and no-one want to let it go. This usually point to lack of structure or management hierarchy. The style of how the business should be run is not define and ended a clear blueprint. When this is concern the month pillar clash is a clear indication of a management reorganising need.

Lastly is the crisis of legacy. People don’t see themselves as a part of the journey and get disengage or more likely dishearten. When you have a row boat and the people refuse to row in sync … you will be loosing momentum and might likely be unbalance and rolling in circle. Vision issue is identify when the hour pillar is in clash and yet can be the hardest to fix.

So when you appoint a General Manager for a division or Branch manger for a branch, its good to at least check all their 3 pillars of Year, Month and Hour (hard to get a person hour, now you know why it is hard to fix). The detail of what to fix is in their respective 10gods translation since each of the 10 DayMaster can potentially meet with 60 different version of problem, not practical to discuss them all.

If you are interested on a rather long chat on your business, you can maybe arrange a coaching session.

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