3 BaZi considerations before you embark into business partnership

One of the most common question that get ask during a business consultation is “Should I get a partner in business?”. Well as usual, it really depend on the objective of the said partnership. What does each party bring to the table ? I was advise many time that business is the fastest way to lose a friend and upset your family then they get involve.

Max & Jenny was a great couple and decide to go into business together. As usual there were strong bond and trust that they have build in their relationship. The business was a resounding success while the Max was the one driving the business and making magic happen. Max is constantly drunk with work while Jenny was drown with neglect. Jenny started another relationship with some in the office that was able to fill up her void created by Max. Business started going their separate direction, Jenny refuse to give up her share of the business, Max refuse to further grow the profitable business … the end.

Here is the thing with business partnership, its really cheap to get into but impossibly expensive to exit. When someone have share in the business, you cannot just push them out of the way even if they do not contribute to building the business at all. It get even more frustrating when the partner actually have a say in business matter.  Most people neglect the exit clause in a partnership agreement which is what landed the business in hot soup.

Let’s move into the BaZi portion as to how we used your BaZi to make inform judgement over your need of a “partner”. The main reference would be your overall structure that decide if you really need a partner in the venture you embark into.

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First those with Companion and Resource Structure, which display a higher level of confidence. When (for lack of word) you are full of yourself, it is actually harder to work together with. Partnership will run into power grab with too many of these structure mingling around with each other. All are trying to display their superior intellect and see who can gather more support to their side. The do not pull their equal weight but rather put their weight in and generally slow the business down when opinion does not go their way.

Second consideration is those that have Output, Wealth and Influence structure. They on the other hand, bite way more than they can chew. Love to over capacity themselves with task as if the world only have them around. The usually have an issue of does not know (maybe shy) to ask for help. Partnership could really help these people out since they have more than enough to distribute out for other. The pull their weight and hence does not leave the arrangement in a lopsided situation.

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Third point you should really consider is what role each of you play in the business. Everyone are good a some aspect where BaZi profile would highlight. Finding people that has different proficiency in their profile will complete the team. Concentrate on the top 3 profile for yourself and look for those with your bottom 3 high as a partner. This method help compliment your shortfall.

Applying BaZi to business is really not that difficult when you know what you are trying to do. The main qualm now is that most people get into partnership because they like that person and have good chemistry with them. Does likeness and chemistry make a person useful in business problem solving ?

I personally work in collaboration with other. Each do our part and take our share as per agreed term and walk off once the task is complete. There is no expectation that we would work again but yet we will look for each other when opportunity arises.

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