3 red flags you should know as leader leader

We all go through life in stages and each stage bring new education and experience that let us grow and expand (hopefully, not your waistline). Businesses too move through rough patches of up and down. Good people leave your organisation while great product suddenly strike dead on the spot. What actually transpire that lead to these result ?

In BaZi when we study the incoming annual pillar with conjunction of your 10-years luck pillar, it give a fairly good picture of what theme you are facing. Many business leader  come for consultation on a yearly basis just to understand their dynamic. They would often bring all the key personal chart to get a picture of who is more stable for the year.

We are going to talk about the appearance of 3 of this setup that business leader should pay a little attention to. Please note that the person natal chart is being ignored here and not because its not important but it just at this moment interfere with your learning by introducing too many confusion. We are mainly looking at 10-year luck and annual luck

The appearance of Rob Wealth star (RW). The ancient people has never like this star at all, it is associated of being lazy. This in essence is the star of convenience which means it will try the best to find the easiest way to get anything settle (easy means as long as I no need to do). Often they spend their way out of everything, and as such if you are running through such a luck period, financial sense id not going to make sense to you. You can look into activity that overspend on unnecessary activity that only look good but bring no actual value to the organisation. They may get consultant in to do the work while you can actually developed your internal people to achieve the same result. They may buy physical asset that is hardly used while outsourcing may be a better choice. Please note that 10-year luck pillar can create permanent habit which is hard to fix.

Rob Wealth

Next there is the appearance of 7 Killing star (7K). This star is shun upon because the star directly attack the DayMaster and hence highly associated with death and defeat. The main drawback of this star is how the person look at the issue of risk. Only people with 7K will ever physically attack people and its crucial in the olden day to have this star for the front line soldier. Since we are “mostly” no longer is any warring state, this star has become the star of courage (often blind). The main issue in business sense is that the ignorance / lack of sense of danger. The person press on with their plan even when odd are stack against them, if you don’t put a plug on the finance, they can literally drain all your money to achieve success. The guy that spend 90,000 to make 100,000 and still tell you it was a resounding success. If it happen to be losing money, the fellow will have the cheek to say let’s try again.

7 Killing

Lastly is the appearance of clash on any of the 4 pillars. This indicate an issue that they have to take care of at that moment in time. It is really hard to say if the person can act professional and separate their internal / personal issue from work. If they carry the resentment or guilt into the business setting, their decision making quality is going to deteriorate.

It is not about isolating these people but it is more of a strategic support for them through the period of trying. When you are dealing with team, like the goose that fly south, we need to learn how to take turn on the driver seat. Those that have issue can go and settle their issue first while other carry the weight. When the time pass, their turn will come to carry weight for the other.

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