2 types of people that should avoid business decision making.

Making business decision is one of the most stressful activity that you can ever engage into. This is especially if you have a sizeable team size and everyone is depending on you for their next salary. Some practitioner love to analyse “business luck” by using the business registration date (aka business birthdate) which is a grossly erroneous method. You see, business don’t make decision, people does and it is this decision that make the business sink or swim.

The convenient part of a business is that the decision maker can be switch around. Different department can make different decision that is inline of the organisation big direction. Who among your teammate should NOT be making big business breaking decision ? The answer hide in your BaZi when you look into the FLOW of the person chart.

This reading is done in conjunction with the luck pillar and annual pillar, hence its a rather advance method and need quite a fair understanding of BaZi. If you are not that familiar then you should seek some professional advise from available practiser near you.

Lets take a look at the comma g few years. 2019 (Earth Pig), 2020 (Metal Rat), 2021 (Metal Ox), 2022 (Water Tiger) and 2023 (Water Rabbit). This configuration of energy tell a situation where Water is over whelming and gross missing of Fire energy. Over-aching theme is high uncertainty and low optimism. The 2 party where their chart get relatively stuck and flow will be disrupted are those with the following condition.

Water is prominent in their chart. This can be a situation is a water DayMaster, Water is their main structure or simply having water element appearing in every pillar. They become overly confident and sensitive with everything around them. Just imagine you leaving the crucial decision making in the hand of a highly emotional and often overly confident person.

Fire is lacking in their chart. This again can be the DayMaster is fire or a situation where fire hardly exist in his chart. Having a dysfunctional fire is already a gloom person to begin with and now you throw him into the deep end of the water … he might just decide to let himself drown with out a fight. Its a rather high pressure environment where the person is overwhelmed by emotion and risk.

This does not means I advocate removing them at all, everyone luck fluctuate and its our job to identify what is coming and make necessary adjustment. You can always rely on other people where their chart is more stable in a high water and low fire situation and have them add toward the discussion. Just do not do thing alone and get the right people involve.

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