5 Types of Business Stress

Ever had the feeling that something is wrong with the business but cannot seem to identify the issue. Been coaching a business lately where they hit a snag with their business model where it is not generating repeat business. Constantly dealing with one off can be rather stressful as they spend quite some effort in just educating the new market.

In BaZi we have learn that stress can be identify by looking into the strongest and weakest element at any point of time. When one element is weak, its is generally subjected to stress while an overly strong element will induce stress toward another element. From the previous article we have discuss that Water & Fire are going to be the contentious element from 2019-2023. You can now check what does Water and Fire element in 10gods to yourself to identify your possible stress.

Output – This star represent the new and innovative. This star going into stress would entail your business is not innovating to meet its new need. Nokia and Kodak suffer from this in their business journey where they did not take into consideration of the consumer shift toward the new technology. You need go into new product line and expand new market reach when this is indicated.

Wealth – This star represent activity level of the company. A stressful situation is when no work to be done, sales is slow and collection is difficult. Your main worry is actually cash flow issue, as you are not receiving / generating income, you would still need to make payment to other creditor. Look into the business value proposition, customer stop seeing you as valuable to them.

Influence – This star represent execution. You have too much to do and are not prioritising correctly. You can call this a headless chicken situation where everyone goes into every possible direction without discipline and organisation. As this can possibly create customer disappointment where their order is not being executed correctly, imagine the restaurant that have many customer but the staff don’t know how to serve them, order are wrong, service is sub par … would you ever come back ?

Resource – This is a staffing issue for business. Resource is all the component that perform support role which include your staff, your vendor and your equipment. Since people is your greatest asset and hence when this star go into stress you would expect a human resource issue. Under train staff or worse still there is just no staff at all. Money can solve this problem easily but it is often a lousy choice to use money. You are struggling with the issue of properly training and motivating your staff.

Companion – This is customer service issue. This star represent a large bucket of external people issue like reputation, fan base, competitive landscape, public relation and currently social media reach. This is your customer and how they perceive you as a business. Hong Kong government is currently having this issue at hand.

Fixing these issue is just a matter of understanding element production cycle and drain / strengthen of the relevant element in stress. You should get a professional to assist you in this.

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