2020 for Ding fire DayMaster

Quenching is a blacksmithing process of dipping a hot iron into water or oil to achieve the effect of hardening. The rapidly moving hot molecule which hit cool liquid surface is force to contract and form tighter bonding together. Item like sword that is repeatedly expose to this process of heating and cooling become much more sturdy, hard and quality.

2020 is going to be this type of year for the Ding DayMaster person where there is going to be repeated shock situation that eventually improve the person overall quality. They year see the Ding fire person see their Direct Wealth (DW) which is seated on 7 Killing (7K). On the outset it is not a good combination as the DW is being constantly drain by 7K.

Ding 2020

The Potential : This year mark a year where there is need of constant attempt and execution that 7K is associated with. You are given the strength and courage to take on trouble head on which this process is supported and fuel by DW which give you persistency and perseverance. There is nothing much that you cannot achieve in this process as you get stronger in each iteration of attempting to solve the issue at hand.

The Risk : Burning out of both physical and financial resource would be the inheritance risk at hand. Dipping the hot steal into water in the wrong timing (waited too long) can potentially break the steal. This is the same with the person when the attempt is somewhat too draggy. As DW is being drain which bring to often diagnostic result of money draining. Here the result need to be determine before you stubbornly attempt to solve it.

The Motivation : To stay positive throughout the year the introduction of Eating God (EG) star is crucial. Ji earth being the element signal a need to be resourceful in solving the issue at hand. One need to keep option always open and willing to attempt different method and negotiate desired result. Both DW and 7K have the tendency to be stubborn with what they’re doing with DW refusal to delegate and 7K aggressive attacking nature. Just remember that road to Rome is not build in a day and there are many road to Rome as well.

The year 2020, could mark the best achievement year for fellow Ding fire DayMaster if they can manage the process of delegation and risk mitigation well. You need to budget your time and energy well where the heating and cooling of the metal is achieve in a balance manner. Schedule some rest in between project and do enjoy yourself from time to time.

Note to the Ding Fire Lady. You have considerable say in your relationship this year as 7K is a potential pursuing prospect while DW signal you are in control. Do keep your option open



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