2020 for Wu Earth DayMaster

A person value is determine by what he does to himself over the course of his lifetime. There are some point in life where an opportunity of choice come up. Just imagine a mountain is a worthless as a lump of random dirt if it was not first explored. Since the mountain hold many secret within its womb its up to the people to find those treasure and make something of value out of it.

Since I am quite fond of the property market, just describe this year as a process of deciding if a piece of land is going to be developed into a low cost area, mid cost housing, luxury living or just going to be left barren and worthless. Its going to be a year of infinite “your choice !”


2020 is a year where the Wu DayMaster will see the Eating God (EG) and Direct Wealth(DW). Since the classic like to mention that EG create Wealth which indicate an abundance scenarios for the Wu DayMaster.

The Potential : There is a lot of viable idea that is generated and great possibility of monetising many of the generated ideas. It is going to be a busy mind and busy body years. EG in actual gives option toward any problem that arises where it traditionally signified the star of abundance food. Food availability or your ability to access crop show you are an innovative person to be able to keep food throughout the year. While DW show your persistency, hardworking and willingness to put in those elbows grease. Imagine a diverse farm with all season crops cycling all year long. One shall never go into hunger.

The Risk : This come in the form of Wu natural characteristic to be passive. You see that potential remain potential until someone work on it. Even if I say that the soil is fertile for crop, it WILL NOT PLANT ITSELF. Wu earth being the most lazy (sorry guy) of all the DayMaster is going to take a lot of effort to get moving. Net result is that all this potential is going to be taken by other while he play a second class citizen role. For the rest of the DM … make more Wu earth friend, candy is in a child hand … please take.

The Motivation : You can get dislodge from your comfortable position. The key is what you do at the start of the year Feb-Mar when the Influence star land on your year. The commitment and discipline (start the boulder rolling down the hill) will largely drive your year 2020 success story. You just have to piss yourself off enough to be hating your current condition … just ask yourself if you really like your current condition and level of life.

2020 is a great “potential” year for fellow Wu earth but required you to get rolling if you want it to be truly marvellous. You really need to find a vocation in the beginning of the year and start that process of gaining momentum down hill. The EG produce DW also show a picture of fattening where one eat a lot and keep the energy. Energy not utilised is turn into fat as storage … you have been warn !

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