2020 for REN water DayMaster

One of the greatest wonder that we get to witness in this century must be the 3 printer. How would you imagine that usable item can be instantly printed out of a printer. The are to imitation and replication has been take to a new height. On the wondrous side they are printing internal organ for replacement and at the other end larger scale printer can even print you a house. Being a Star Trek fans, the replicator has always fascinate me.


2020 would be a replicator year for REN water DayMaster. The Year Geng Zi (Golden Rat) brings the energy of Indirect Resource (IR) and Rob Wealth (RW) into picture. IR is a curious star that love to learn using unconventional manner, at times we see them as intuitive and big picture learner. While Rob Wealth is the competitive star that love to compare own achievement against other. The combination give a great opportunity to learn from your competitor.

The Potential : There are many that your close competitor can teach you and you should take full opportunity to observe and replicate their winning strategy. The nature of water is to merge and hence you should not see your competitor as an opposition but instead as an integration. Either evaporation of a lake water to join the cloud or rainfall joining the lake, you should find a way to consume your competitor … be as one, move as one.

The Risk : The RW star have traditionally been associated with money management issue. Thus, you will need to be vigilant when it come to social spending and partying. Both IR and WR are highly susceptible to external influence and your choice of competitor would important factor. If you decide to compete with the mediocre, you would rise anywhere … pick an epic competitor and be epic.

The Motivation : REN water get things done, never see this as a competition against each other … look at this as a leveraging opportunity to close your personal gap in performance. Allow your competitor to head into battle first and show you the way, you just replicate and do a much better and bigger job. look forward toward your next level of growth

2020 is a high pressure year to REN if you are the type that don’t like to be challenge, water energy is at its peak while metal add to the production pressure. GengZi carry the hexagram 42 increasing which indicate that there are accumulation going on. You have to choose what increase, knowledge, pressure or pleasure. “Computer … one success please”

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