QiMen 2020 South East Destiny Palace

This is intended to provide you with an additional layer of understanding of your own destiny from QiMen perspective in year 2020. I personally found layering information from BaZi, FengShui and QiMen give a much more useful complete picture in yearly planning.

For those not too familiar with the QiMen system, you need to first locate your own QiMen Destiny Palace. Please goto www.joeyyap.com/bzchart to print your BaZi chart and you can find your destiny palace at the top portion of the report. You will find the box below with your other QiMen Destiny information. over the year 2020, I will run through all the component of a QiMen Destiny, its time you all get an upgrade of knowledge.


At a glance the SE sector look really good with multiple positive structure appearing. Yi Noble landing in its home ground having supercharge potential. When reading is done without context you tend to get quite a few issue.

Look at some of the chart component

Moon deity – this deity tend to be associated with knowledge accumulation and hence seems like lots of learning experience coming with this sector. Ask yourself first … you need to gain some lesson or are you in a learning path … one of the main issue with moon is its non participative attitude, they are passive learner … watch and see. With so many good stuff happening and you are just looking … what a waste.

Rest Door – this is the family chill doors, the most unaggressive action base in QiMen. Again … since they are chill and no rush, what the chance of them actually taking action ? Rest door also means do nothing.

Ambassador star – the wealth star which is one of the preferred wealth structure since ambassador bring opportunity to you as how an ambassador visit a country will bring some perk to the visiting country. This is a good indicator that the environment is really conducive for opportunity base activity.

Xin with Jia – getting your root cut. If Jia meeting Geng is trouble, Jia meeting Xin means you don’t even know you are in trouble. Further it’s an old hidden issue … you cannot even react to it.

DE in the SE – this carry an “I don’t really care” attitude toward the situation. All the good stuff happening and you don’t really care !!!

Bliss hex – this hex carry hidden danger of a person that does not know they are in danger. Water underground … just imagine of a person standing on a sink hole.

Overall when you put them together … you have a situation where the environment is just so good and you totally slack off in taking actual action. The thought of thing will turn out great no matter what I do will be the doom of the sector. Too many watching and waiting very little doing.

So, for those that decide to use SE ! Dragon escape = all run away ! Please do not get fool by the situation is okay. You need to move 10x faster, you need to align your year plan by March.

P/S the DE is release in Oct/Nov … it’s too late to do anything for the year already.

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