QiMen 2020 South Destiny Palace

This is intended to provide you with an additional layer of understanding of your own destiny from QiMen perspective in year 2020. I personally found layering information from BaZi, FengShui and QiMen give a much more useful complete picture in yearly planning.

For those not too familiar with the QiMen system, you need to first locate your own QiMen Destiny Palace. Please goto www.joeyyap.com/bzchart to print your BaZi chart and you can find your destiny palace at the top portion of the report. You will find the box below with your other QiMen Destiny information. over the year 2020, I will run through all the component of a QiMen Destiny, its time you all get an upgrade of knowledge.


Into the unknown, one shall venture

Hex Lesser Exceeding – Wind passing over mountain, this actually show an easy task ahead. Any setback is just temporary and very minor, just track through the next peak and you shall be there.

Snake deity – quite a misunderstood deity. He is sorta in charge of the unexplored. They are those that dare to go into the unknown and search. Hence highly associated with ability of recognising environment (geography) and find way around them. In short you are going into unknown territory.

Life door – the awesome continue door which everyone love. This show persistence toward your situation toward finding a solution.

Destructor star – like most of the Zhen gua counterpart, it’s describing an often chaotic environment where change is constant.

Ren/Bing stem – if all fail anytime you see counter stem is usually not too great. It’s kinda like the Phoenix diving where you look for own trouble.

Overall it’s a palace where you venture into the unknown and hopefully persist and breakthrough. Opening new market would be a great use for the place. Diversify into a business area that previously seems foreign would make sense as well.

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