QiMen 2020 South West Destiny Palace

This is intended to provide you with an additional layer of understanding of your own destiny from QiMen perspective in year 2020. I personally found layering information from BaZi, FengShui and QiMen give a much more useful complete picture in yearly planning.

For those not too familiar with the QiMen system, you need to first locate your own QiMen Destiny Palace. Please goto www.joeyyap.com/bzchart to print your BaZi chart and you can find your destiny palace at the top portion of the report. You will find the box below with your other QiMen Destiny information. over the year 2020, I will run through all the component of a QiMen Destiny, its time you all get an upgrade of knowledge.


Man up or Wo-man up !

South West turn, with great potential as Chief is with 6 stars. People tend to get excited when seeing Chief.

Chief Deity – commonly know as the superman deity … as if he will bring world peace. It’s a great overall deity with the ability to access other deity as support. Since SW is the growth sector, so this round it work well for your growth.

Harm door – the retaliation door, the only door in the entire QiMen that actually does something. It bring harm because you are set out to attack (take action) regardless of the repercussion. What does you had enough of ?

Assistance star – the star of support and assistance which come rather hand in hand with the harm door as they are both wood element. Look like people are supporting your action.

Xin/Jia/Gui/Geng stem – look already know darn complicated situation. There was an epic previous wrong that might have been done that now required resolution (revenge / payback). Only risk here is total cut of ties.

Hex increasing – likelihood of escalation and intensify. So it’s going to be a one way street of no return.

Overall it show a great determination and support in breaking off the old and never turning back. Hopefully the issue is really toxic and not some petty stuff. A strong moving forward and never look back box.

P/S : When a tree root is being cut … thing can collapse quite rapidly. Ensure you can really let go before beginning the journey. Think of this as a tree relocation project.

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