QiMen 2020 North West Destiny Palace

This is intended to provide you with an additional layer of understanding of your own destiny from QiMen perspective in year 2020. I personally found layering information from BaZi, FengShui and QiMen give a much more useful complete picture in yearly planning.

For those not too familiar with the QiMen system, you need to first locate your own QiMen Destiny Palace. Please goto www.joeyyap.com/bzchart to print your BaZi chart and you can find your destiny palace at the top portion of the report. You will find the box below with your other QiMen Destiny information. over the year 2020, I will run through all the component of a QiMen Destiny, its time you all get an upgrade of knowledge.


Be strong for other, be a good inspiration.

You can ignored the tag line above. This box is actually quite challenging. I won’t purposely put myself into this situation … if you destiny palace
fall here, you need a serious discussion with yourself.

Earth Deity – the great protector. This fellow is the champion when it come to taking punishment and it operate often for the benefit of other people. It’s resourcefulness and endurance is often brought out because of needing to rescue other people. Earth give to other never take for themself.

Scenery door – the door of looking good. It send the impression that everything is okay and rosie pink. It’s often an issue to see what is underneath. It’s challenging to constantly putting up a smile. Those lady that do makeup will understand … their pretty is at heavy price of cosmetic concealment.

Grain Star – the illness star and also the mother star. Grain describe a farm land where all the seed is just hiding and you don’t know what will grow out. It can be weed and it can be poison ivy. The headache part is that once it grow many will follow. You know how mother just won’t kill their child no matter how bad they can be … the land will sustain even the worst plant.

Gui / Geng / Ji – non of the stem is remotely good with trap (gui), trouble (Geng) and conceal (Ji) all bunch up together … massive trouble ensured.

Hex Dimming light – how long can the person hold. The current haze situation is a good experience of dimming light … see how long can you stay outdoor.

Overall the person here is in massive amount of trouble and it’s escalating up. They are still putting up a “I am okay” (you are not OK) front for other to see. Exhausting resource to rescue / keep afloat the situation.

Advise : if it’s financial … walk out ! If this is someone important … please by all means mount a rescue party for them. Those kind “motherly” star just won’t help themselves.

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