2020 for Ji Earth DayMaster

You have a message to send but just for that strategic few. This is a strategic communication year for you. Just like the message in the bottle, not everyone will have the luck to receive it. Getting the right audience become your main task in 2020.

Ji 2020 BaZi

The year 2020 present you with the energy of Hurting Officer (HO) and Indirect Wealth (IW). Having wealth star around is always a welcome addition as it carry a money earning connotation. You will start to see gap in the market/process where you can leverage for some quick return. IW has always being stealthy and applying guerrilla tactic, so other are not aware of your plan. HO would be uncharge of spreading the message out and communication out your plan. With the HO powering the IW, this is a great combination to utilised for carrying out that plan of yours.

The Opportunity : Make your communication count and hence selecting the right people to communicate to would be crucial. Since IW is all about being strategic, the opportunity that you have identify might not be obvious to everyone and hence required careful handling. Simply allowing HO to drag in attention might just backfire the situation.

The Risk : Having HO attracting unwanted attention might cause your opportunity to have too many competition which make it hard to realised good return. This situation can create distraction toward you where you become too hopeful in over communicating the opportunity outward. When everyone expect you to deliver something that might not meet the mark.

Staying Motivated : Mediating the effect is all about taking strong and discipline action. 7 Killing (Yi Wood) would act as a good mediator for controlling the HO as well as relieving the IW. this does means that you have to get going first on those opportunity and then slowly get other onto the boat with you. When you see result forming then only you start advertising.

There is easy opportunity to gain fame and glory this year but yet Ji Earth safe and humble nature might not find these attention as comfortable. The main issue with most Earth DayMaster is their unwillingness to chase after material gain. Once they communicate out, those that follow through might just cut the opportunity out of the DayMaster itself. Being strategic with your communication would be the key, not everyone need to receive the message.

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