2020 for Xin DayMaster

Thought leadership will the theme given. It is going to be a year of agile change and innovation of idea over your close rival. Competition is going to get very real this year and yet it is going to bring in much fun and excitement. Having the thought leadership role its your duty to move the mind of everyone around you toward a new height and explore area that has yet to be touch.

2020 Xin BaZi

In 2020, Xin DayMaster is presented with RobWealth (RW) and EatingGod (EG) which are both enjoyment centric star. The natural tendency of Xin is to seek attention and want to be better than other and this year they are going to be expose with many comparison opportunity. Rivalry at a healthy level will naturally bring up the leadership ability of the individual, now there is something strive for. While eating god help with the finer point of live, it is still a star that is rather intelligent.

The opportunity : To outsmart your rival would be the ticket to victory. With the assistance of Eating Got you will not be short of brilliant idea and couple with Xin natural showmanship ability to attract you will not be short of audience. Since the companion star is also fans star, it would further rise your platform when it is used in the correct manner.

The risk : falling into the trap of being boastful and only indulging into senseless social show off. Since RobWealth like to be better then other it start to et out of hand when you compare senseless things with other like the brand new car that your friend bought. If you compete at that level you end up buying a new car and proceed to custom fit the car as well thanks to the Eating God need to enjoy fine thing.

Stay Motivated : Staying humble is where the earth energy come into the picture. Think of it as the polishing sand paper that is going to help you attain more shine. Bring everyone up a notch with your new thought and ideas that you are seen as their source of inspiration.

Xin has one of the more interesting interaction for the year 2020 as its more about upgrade of people around them. This process can only be meaningful when the upgrade elevate them to the next level of function. Else its still going to be a very fun and happy year as they enjoy being centre of attention among the level of people that they choose. The tougher rival you choose to lead the higher level you will be able to attain.

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