Knowledge Deep Dive

Have attended class after class and yet not seems to be progressing ? Theory don’t seem to be hard but yet unable to apply appropriately ? That one step over the ledge seems scary and unattainable. Have you ever have these feeling when learning any new skillset ?

Maybe the issue is that you are still at the surface of the water, holding on to the safety of the river bank. Doing deep diving is a way to enhance one basic knowledge as you go deep into the knowledge pool to understand what make thing work.

It is a hard process to obtain knowledge in the olden day as knowledge are not readily or easily pass down. Since literacy is very low, the only method of transmitting knowledge is through verbal and hence one memory need to be rather good. Information is made cryptic and require some time to settle and digest before any form of understanding can be achieve.

People like the concept of “luck” as they don not need to put in effort to obtain the necessary result and hence the popularity of asking “is my luck good”. Problem only exist because one lack knowledge to tackle the issue. Your problem is never unique as the 7 ¬†billion population must have some that has already been through your challenge and conquer it. Your issue iOS that you have no access to the knowledge that provide the solution.

Knowledge Gap

Your Natal BaZi tell you about your innate knowledge while the luck pillar highlight the knowledge required during that period. When there is an alignment issue, we call this bad luck. its bad luck is only because you cannot effectively learn the required new skillset in the olden day. Today is much different, it now all about going to get the required knowledge to tackle the new challenge.

Understanding luck pillar and annual pillar become important for the sole purpose of preparation. As long as you understand what is coming and prepared the necessary, then the period become lucky. You can make every period lucky if you so wish provided you are open to learning and are willing to disregard your natal chart natural tendency to gravitate.

from 2020-2023 is all WATER element prominent year … what is water to your natal chart ? Do you have too many or is it a situation of too little ? Can water be a welcome addition or is it now a burdensome nuisance ?

I would love to start a workshop/class on some of the topic that worth deep diving into so more consolidated information can be given. If you have done some metaphysic (BaZi, FengShui, QiMenDunJia, YiJing or FaceReading) and can contribute some topic here, that would be much appreciated. I have setup a Google form to collect some data > CLICK HERE < if you are keen to help out, please click the link.


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