5 Ways To Find More Time To Relax And Practice Self Care!

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Self-care, self-love, down-time… we all know it’s great. It’s actually quite vital. But… where is the time to do these things?!

If you’re feeling like you’re putting yourself last even though you are determined to put yourself first, these strategies have helped me so much, I’m happy to share them today if they can be of service to you!

Do something of self-care before you get out of bed– even between snooze buttons if you must! For me, this often looks like a few minutes of meditation, a bunch of affirmations or even stretching in bed. This is a great way to really “ease” into the day and it gives you an excuse to stay in bed a little longer!

Use “you time” as rewards for getting big things accomplished. My nap is waiting for me after filming videos today. It’s exciting to have these rewards that aren’t “buying things” because those things are not always as motivating as the experience of feeling blissfully fantastic.

Embrace being a morning or an evening person and use some time “just for you.” True story- it takes me about an hour to get ready for bed because I get to do so many rituals that get mixed and matched– baths, beauty treatments, energy clearing, stretching, visualization, and more– before bed.

Shut down electronics after a certain hour (you pick) and really stick to it. It’s so freeing to be clear of tech for hours before bed. Also, challenge yourself to not grab your phone/computer first thing in the morning. Not too long ago we lived without these tech objects an, in my experience, people were less exhausted and more engaged with themselves and their community.

Add more self-care to your work itself. Invite work friends to meditation groups, spa days, healthier restaurants for business lunches… walk to meetings… and even bring some Feng Shui ritual to your office space itself! A plant is always a great place to begin!

This self care isn’t just a good idea. The more you pile it on, the more it will be an essential part of your life, filling you with energy and magnetism that is undeniably awesome!

Enjoy all the time you make for yourself!



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