BaZi : You still want to read the Animal ?

Every Chinese New Year people goes into this frenzy of reading the animal sign. Here is the question how far can animal sign actually give you sign and sight into a particularly year ? Its like looking for people that look alike to a certain successful people and assuming that they will become successful too.

Here is an example for you to reflect, both the chart A and B has the exact same Animal sign.

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 6.26.57 AM

Both has Rabbit, Snake, Tiger and Rat in their respective Hour, Day, Month and Year and the luck pillar is exactly the same as well … by logic of animal sign reading, should these 2 individual be experiencing the same life cycle ? You and I clearly know that is not possible for them to treat the year happening the same.

Hence one should stop asking question like … “I am born in the year of the Rat, how is my luck this year?”. The answer is an astounding I DO NOT KNOW since the animal sign really carry next to no profound information.

So what actually drive the different between 2 people ?

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 6.27.27 AM

I have highlighted how the 2 individual look at the subject of Wealth and now you see the difference between them. Individual A does not prioritised wealth from 30yo until 60yo while individual B make wealth his priory as early as 25yo until 55yo.

Which among these 2 individual would likely be having a better quality of life ? The one that strive in his prime year or the one that only realised after 60 that he need money? and yet both of them would have the exact same auxiliary star following them throughout their life.

For those of you that have attended my workshop would know the answer is not as simple as it seems. The right answer is that A have a much more pleasant and fulfil financial life than B would ever have. But … but. … but … Chart B has better wealth luck. That is the different between a more experience interpreter and a novice advisor.

Please don’t be too excited with your animal sign and at the same time do not need to be grim that Monkey and Horse seem to be at the bottom of the luck train in this year of 2020. Do engage a professional reader if you want to know your chart full functionality.


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