BaZi : You still want to read the Animal ?again !

So the year of Mouse / Rat just kicked off officially in Feb 4th. It is those time of the year where the dreadful question keep popping up.

“I am born in the year of Rat, how is my luck?”. 

Let this piece of article explore how many rat exactly is there when you ask about rat and you should understand why this question is just irresponsible if answer as such. To begin with, there are actually 5 basic versions of rat (its call Zi 子 which carry the literal meaning of Son which should explain why people rush have rat baby hoping it will be a son).

We have the Geng Zi 庚子 Metal Rat, Wu Zi 戊子 Earth Rat, Bing Zi 丙子 Fire Rat, Jia Zi 甲子 and Ren Zi 壬子 Water Rat. by simple logic you would have already know that they are very different.

Lets up the analysis a little by introducing the DayMaster. The DayMaster is the element that decide your overall functionality. A car effectiveness is decided by the driver. So the Rat is just potentially a car (5 different model of car, sedan, compact, SUV, truck, van) and now you pair with different driver which going give you a very different driving attitude.

There is 10 different DayMaster and this would make 10 x 5 = 50 different combination.

Different Zi

Above, I have plotted for you the 5 example of the 5 different DayMaster and you can see the 10 gods translation just change. You just imagine trying to tell the 7 Killing (7K) fellow about the year vs the Friend (FR) fellow, its naturally going to be very different but to the uninitiated its still a metal rat. wife drive a truck vs husband drive a truck, would you expect the same performance ?

Now what if I change the season of birth which would give you 4 different season of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 5 (rat) x 10 (DayMaster) x 4 (Season) = 200. The season augment a chart element intensity.


above 2 example are both Metal Rat with same Ding DayMaster but one its born in Spring while another in Summer. You can already see that the element distribution become very different where the spring dude have high Wood intensity while the summer dude have better fire intensity.

By now you should know that asking about how your year of birth is next to not helpful in deciding your year direction or “luck”. help send/share this article to all you friend (especially relative) that like to ask how is my rat ?

Yearly animal sign book seller is going to kill me soon … lolz. Nothing wrong with buying those book … it still help the economy and you know the economy need your spending to thrive.

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