BaZi : 4 Friends you must keep #1

There is just too many rule for one to properly keep track and hence the existence of lawyer. I know they often have bad reputation for being played as unscrupulous and win above anything, as the saying goest “lawyer can never tell the truth”.

Lawyer is crucial when it come to ownership protection, whatever you purchase, a lawyer will be involve as there is an agreement that need to be sign. I know you are accustom to clicking the the “I Agree” button without reading the actual EULA, but that is not an excuse in real world. No point going into court and cry I don’t actually know what I sign, its not going to fly.

From a BaZi point of view, how can you judge if the lawyer is competent or at least have the correct bite force. Please don’t try to judge them from their qualification because what they study are old law and what often happen in real world are creation of new regulation on daily basis.

Metal is crucial in judgement (metal is the element of justice), either Geng or Xin will do but I often like Xin metal as it represent the Duo Gua which is the speaking Gua. Xin also have a refine way when it come to battle handling unlike the brute force of a Geng. Of course if you engage in criminal situation then get a Geng metal. The Xin can be the DayMaster or being the prominent useful element.

Second consideration is a functional Influence star. Influence star is what govern rule and regulation which is what law is playing with. If you are mostly commercial / transactional base then a Direct Officer will be great but if you are more on the offensive side then get the 7 Killing version.

If you are super lazy, a Yi wood DayMaster born in Autumn (Aug-Sep) would be a great lawyer friend to keep.

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