BaZi : 4 Friends you must keep #2

The next friend that you should find is a healer / doctor. They are essential part of your network that will help ensure you have the top of body function to properly achieve your goal. Health issue is really like the relationship of fish with water … you wont notice it until its gone. You need a healer around to assist you to see some symptom and habit that really require adjustment.

In metaphysic, the star that help repair you is there Resource star and hence the friend you select for this crucial role need to have a functional resource position. Would be great if he is a Resource Structure person or going through a Resource luck pillar. Resource people are usually more careful and tend to acquire more knowledge than other which make their practice more reliable.

When you are looking from the element side, medical is split into 3 separate element depending on their practice nature. Metal is the common classification for medical profession which would involve cutting or poisoning you to fix your problem. This is generally what we call western medicine (surgeon). Metal carry the character of being precise and high value which is what a surgical profession of then need and cost.

The TMC or eastern medicine counterpart take on the Wood element where their main method involve herb. Wood have a growth character which indicate the repair of your bodily function. It is about providing the right Qi for your body organ so it can continue its normal function.

The last group are Earth element that often do not cut you open or drug you up, they are just care provided or QiGong practitioner. Earth is a protective element that give you isolation and so allowing your body to rest.

All tree of them play their role in health maintenance. You have to be practical with your situation … if you have stick that impale you, for goodness sake don’t go look for a TCM, no matter how many batch of medicine you take will not remove the stick. I somewhat attract quite a number of energy healer friend which already signal that I have an issue at the energy level that need alignment.

Have you found your healer friend yet ?

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