Someone to protect your wealth is the 3rd person to keep as friend. I would like to broaden the classification because the traditional view is to get an accountant, but I feel a financial planner, wealth consultant, banker (very important to leverage money), all and any people that can financially guide you.

Having a good or proper financial sense is crucial no matter where you are although people keep saying that health is wealth. Health is by default given to most people for free and you don’t even have to work for it. For the grand majority of us, we don’t get wealth handed to us and we have to first acquire the right wealth mindset before we can actually accumulate it. If you have time, I highly advise you to sit down with a financial planner and have a chat … don’t just think they want to sell you product. They can accidentally open your mind …

Back to BaZi, of course this would be the realm of Wealth star. People that has a functional wealth star are accustom to own and accumulate. They want control and they understand the concept of exchange of value. Wealth is an attack element as in BaZi for which element that you control is your wealth. When you talk to a wealth guy/gal, you will see how quick they determine the point of exchange … if you want A what you need to give up to get A. In actual its not always money but money happen to be the universal common exchange point.

From element point I prefer Water element as a wealth advisor due to their broad coverage sense. Water have a natural high sense of risk and amazing ability to get even. They find footing much faster than any other element and hence w=hen the financial world shift they are the fastest to make the necessary adjustment to stay balance with other.

lazy people guide is to get a Wu earth DM with a wealth structure as your advisor, this dude would be the most protective financial advisor that you can get and most amazing part that they will not go after “your” money. when is the last time you see mountain chase water ?

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