The last one you should keep as a friend are those that look upon the sky and give you guidance on life beyond the material need. We are all well-verse with things that we can see and touch but we all know that life is more than beyond the physical. Understand that as much as we think that the world is random and chaos there is a certain order that come with it. We have our forefather to thanks after observing the sky for many years they have establish pattern or a cyclic cycle of what happen.

Contrary to many believe that astrologer / metaphysician do not actually fix a situation, we fix the view / perception of the situation. Many run into issue in life just because they are not prepared for the situation or rather stay in the arena of denial. Worse when they have the view that they can buy their way out of their predicament. We help to do alignment with energy or the cyclic cycle. Put you back on track, so to say.

When you look for a metaphysician then you might want to pay attention toward his Output star as this star has to do with a person ability to see the future. This could also translate into a functional fire element as this element is the element that govern happiness, hope and inspiration.

Alternative is to get a good Companion star person as this star help with the support factor and being able to empathise and stand by your side during g those crucial moment of lost. Water element would be a great asset to have as this element encompass wisdom and ability to merge and match their surrounding.

Have you identify your 4 crucial friend yet ? Doctor (Health) , Accountant (Money) , Lawyer (Law) and Metaphysician (Life).

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